First-time Enrollment

If you're new to the team or newly eligible for benefits, this page will help you enroll in benefits for the first time.

Find out if your dependents are eligible for benefits under Eligibility.

You have 30 days to enroll, starting from the day you were hired or became benefits eligible. If you miss this deadline, you cannot enroll until the next annual enrollment period, or if you have a qualified change in family status.

Read about Available benefits and get Help to choose if you need it.

Then, once you're ready, log in to Workday to enroll in your benefits for the remainder of this year.

Some benefits require you to enroll and others are provided automatically:

Benefit Enroll during annual enrollment Enroll/change anytime No enrollment needed
Medical OhioHealthy HDHP+HSA
Medical OhioHealthy PPO
Medical OhioHealthy PPO Assist Note: You must apply in advance for the following year by August 1
Accident Ca$hback Insurance
Cancer Guardian
Critical Illness Insurance
Hospital Indemnity Insurance
Life Insurance (employer-paid)
Life Insurance (voluntary)
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Permanent Life Insurance with Long-Term Care
Opt-In Wellness
Health Savings Account (HSA) (your contributions)✓ (effective biweekly)
Flexible Spending Accounts
Retirement (403(b)/401(k))
Health Savings Account (HSA) (your contributions)✓ (effective biweekly)
Flexible Spending Accounts
Retirement (403(b)/401(k))
Adoption Assistance
Associate Discounts
Associate Emergency Assistance Fund
Auto & Home Insurance
Employee Assistance Program
Group Legal
Identity Theft Protection
Pet Insurance
Purchasing Power (after waiting period)
Time Away Pay (TAP (after waiting period)
Temporary Disability Pay (TDP) (after waiting period)
Well-being Programs – Move+Improve (if eligible)
Education Benefits

Your Retirement benefits and the Employee Assistance Program go into effect from your date of hire. All other benefits (excluding those with waiting periods) go into effect on the first of the month following the date you were hired/became benefits eligible. For example: If you're hired on January 15, your benefits are effective as of February 1.

Benefits chosen during first-time enrollment remain in effect for the remainder of the calendar year - unless you have a qualified change in family status. Otherwise, your next opportunity to enroll in benefits or make changes to your existing choices will be during annual enrollment.

Don't miss the November 3 enrollment deadline!

If you do, you will be re-enrolled at your current coverage level for most benefits, but you will lose the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to a Flexible Spending Account
  • Cash in some of your TAP balance in 2021 (if you are eligible)
  • Carry over your Health Savings Account election — and that means you would not receive OhioHealth's matching contribution
  • Enroll in some newly available benefits

What's new for 2021:

  • If you are receiving any medical plan discounts in 2020, you will automatically receive these discounts for 2021 — and if not, there’s still time to earn discounts for 2021 (visit for details)
  • We're enhancing our Critical Illness Insurance with a new option to choose a $20,000 lump sum or the existing $10,000 lump sum, and the benefit cost to you is lower for 2021
  • Our Vision plan cost to you is 2% lower
  • We're switching administrators for our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) from FlexBank/Navia to HealthEquity, the same administrator as the HSA
  • We are introducing Cancer Guardian, Hospital Indemnity Insurance (replacing the Accident & Hospital Ca$hback℠ plan) and Permanent Life Insurance with Long-Term Care
  • You can get help to protect your identity, personal information and connected devices with NortonLifeLock Identity Theft Protectionclick here for information about this benefit and virtual webinars on October 6 or 15. Click the yellow Register for Webinar tab to sign up.
  • There's a small increase in bi-weekly premium rates.
Associate cost per pay period (26 pay periods per year)
Full-time rates
Coverage typeWithout discountsWith discounts
Associate only$71$26
Associate + spouse$180$90
Associate + child$125$80
Associate + children$141$96
Associate + Spouse + Child(ren)$196$106
Associate only$98$53
Associate + spouse$222$132
Associate + child$166$121
Associate + children$196$151
Associate + Spouse + Child(ren)$252$162
PPO Assist
Associate only$71$26
Associate + spouse$173$83
Associate + child$122$77
Associate + children$141$96
Associate + Spouse + Child(ren)$192$102
Associate cost per pay period (26 pay periods per year)
Part-time rates*
Coverage typeWithout discountsWith discounts
Associate only$84$39
Associate + spouse$206$116
Associate + child$151$106
Associate + children$173$128
Associate + Spouse + Child(ren)$228$138
Associate only$111$66
Associate + spouse$248$158
Associate + child$192$147
Associate + children$228$183
Associate + Spouse + Child(ren)$284$194
PPO Assist
Associate only$84$39
Associate + spouse$199$109
Associate + child$148$103
Associate + children$173$128
Associate + Spouse + Child(ren)$224$134
*48–63 scheduled hours per pay period — Per-Pay Amounts

Need help to choose your benefits?

We're here to help.

How to enroll in Workday

Log in to Workday to review and enroll in your benefits:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your assigned OPID and password
  • From the Workday homepage, find the Workday Inbox
  • Select the "change benefits task" from your Workday inbox
  • Begin Enrollment

You must submit documentation verifying your dependents’ eligibility while completing the enrollment process in Workday, otherwise they will not have benefit coverage. Acceptable documentation is:

  • Spouse: Marriage Certificate OR Most Recent Federal Income Tax Filing
  • All children: Birth or Adoption Certificate or Legal Custody Document

Enrolling without access to an OhioHealth computer

If you don't have access to an OhioHealth computer with Global Protect, you will be required to use a two-step verification process to access OhioHealth email (, Workday or eSource from outside of the OhioHealth or regional networks. This means that when logging in, you will enter your username and password and then the system will call your selected phone number (see below) and will prompt you to confirm your attempt to access the OhioHealth systems.

To be ready for two-step verification:

  • Go to (you can be on or off network and can even do it from your phone)
  • Go to Existing User section and enter your OPID
  • Click on Update User Profile and log in
  • Go to Phone Section, update phone number and click Submit

You will receive a call requesting action. After receiving the call:

  • Go to the eSource home page at
  • Click on Workday on the left side of the screen
  • Select on the orange bar "Click here to Log In to Workday"

After receiving a second call requesting action, complete the final steps for enrollment.

Complete your biometric screening

If you are a new associate, we encourage you to complete a biometric screening during your health assessment (part of your onboarding process) to earn medical plan discounts for next year. (If you were hired after June 1, you and your covered spouse will automatically receive the discounts for the remainder of the year and next year.)

To schedule your health assessment and biometric screening, visit or call Associate Health at (614) 566.2778.

In 2020, 80% of associates enrolled in benefits
For questions about enrollment
Contact the HR Resource Center
Call (614) 533.8888
To schedule your one-on-one session with a benefits counselor
Forgot your OPID and password?
Contact OhioHealth IS Support
Call (614) 566-HELP (566-4357)