Adoption Assistance

Adoption Assistance overview

Our Adoption Assistance program can support you with the expenses associated with up to two adoptions.

To be eligible to apply for Adoption Assistance:

  • You must be scheduled to work at least 32 hours per pay period; and
  • You must have completed six months of service

The program reimburses 100% of all eligible expenses associated with the adoption of a child or children, up to a maximum of $13,460 per child. There is a maximum of two adoptions per associate covered under the program.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Legal fees and court fees
  • Adoption agency fees, including foreign adoption fees (agency must be licensed by the State of Ohio)
  • Required medical exams for the child and/or the adopting parent(s)
  • Initial immunizations for the child
  • Transportation costs to bring the child to the adopting parents (or for the adult accompanying the child to the United States, if applicable)
  • Other reasonable and customary expenses the adopting parents are legally required to pay, considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Eligible expenses for kinship adoptions, defined as the adoption of a grandchild, sibling, niece or nephew, or cousin

Other reasonable and customary expenses that the adopting parent(s) are legally required to pay will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Adoption Assistance benefits will be paid after benefits under all other plans have been applied for and paid. The benefits will be reduced to the extent necessary so that the total of benefits under this program and all other plans will not exceed the total of all eligible expenses.

How much does this benefit cost?

Adoption Assistance is provided at no cost to you.

Adoption Assistance is expected to provide over $150,000 in support for OhioHealth associates.

How to make the most of this benefit

  • If you need emotional support or counseling during the adoption process, the Employee Assistance Program is available to you 24/7
  • Parental Leave is available for new parents – read more under Time Off
  • Adoption is a relevant and qualified change in family status for making a change to your benefit plans (e.g. medical, dental, and more) – update your elections in Workday