Benefit Credits

Earn 2024 medical plan premium credits with Rightway

Navigating healthcare is complicated. We’re excited to announce Rightway, a new resource that guides OhioHealthy Plan members through a better healthcare experience.

There are three steps to take in 2023 to earn a 2024 medical plan premium credit amount of $35 per pay period/$910 per year.

  1. Register in Rightway.
  2. Complete a Health Profile in Rightway by November 30, 2023 to earn $30/pay period.
  3. Use Rightway for guidance in all of your healthcare needs throughout the plan year and earn an additional $5/pay period.

Covered dependents and spouses are eligible and encouraged to use Rightway services. Only associates can earn the 2024 medical plan premium benefit credits.

Hassle-free healthcare

With Rightway, you get access to a health guide, a live expert clinician who can provide support in real time. Think of a health guide as a personal assistant for your health. They can help you navigate the complex healthcare journey, so you get quality care at the lowest cost.

A Rightway health guide can help you:

  • Find a provider
  • Make provider appointments
  • Answer questions about your medical benefits

You can connect with a health guide in the Rightway app, where you can also find benefits information and access additional healthcare resources.

Learn how Rightway can help

Register to access Rightway

Getting started is easy. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and activate your account. You can call or chat with your health guide in Rightway’s secure app. You can also access Rightway from your computer browser at or by phone.

There are three ways to register in Rightway:

  1. Click the link on an invitation to register email from Rightway. All OhioHealthy Plan associate members will receive an email with a registration link from Rightway to activate their Rightway account. Look for the subject line: (EXTERNAL] It’s time to activate your Rightway account. Although this appears as an external email, you should trust that it’s safe to click the link to register and complete the Rightway Health Profile.
  2. Download the Rightway app on the App store or Google Play.
  3. Register from your computer at

OhioHealthy Plan members and covered dependents are encouraged to register early to start using Rightway services. Use this tip sheet to register and complete your Health Profile.

Continue to save on your healthcare with Rightway

Rightway will be your resource moving forward to help you find quality care at the best cost – and to earn medical plan premium credits in 2025.


Once registered, if you need help finding a care provider, accessing care, or completing your Health Profile, chat in-app with a Rightway health guide, or call (833) 689-0443.

Rightway provides 24/7 guidance to help members find the right path for their non-emergency healthcare.

For claims questions and all other inquiries, you can still call an OhioHealthy Member Advocate at (888) 841-5670 (Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM — 5 PM EST). (Phone number located on OhioHealthy member ID card.)

Review this FAQ for answers to your questions.

If you still have questions, including how to earn medical plan premium credits, call the HR Resource Center at (614) 533.8888 or email