Earn 2022 Medical Plan Discounts

Healthy Living deserves a reward


The Wellness Screening is no longer required for associates and spouses to earn 2022 medical plan discounts. All onsite screenings scheduled through September 30 have been cancelled.

The only requirement to earn ALL 2022 medical plan discounts is for associates, and spouses if applicable, to complete the online confidential Health Assessment at OhioHealth.CafeWell.com by the November 30, 2021 deadline.

By completing the online Health Assessment in CaféWell, you can better understand your overall health. If there are any risks or concerns, you are ready to make decisions about how to live healthier.

By completing the Health Assessment, discounts earned annually for 2022 will total $1,170 (for associate only) and $2,340 (for associate + spouse).

Learn more on how to complete the Health Assessment.

Beginning on September 1, you can view your discounts in Workday under the Pay Application/OhioHealthy Plan Discounts. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing after completing the wellness requirement.

Any request for corrections for 2021 medical plan discounts must be reported to the HR Resource Center by calling (614) 533.8888 no later than January 8, 2022 to ensure these discounts are properly reported on your Form W-2. Any 2021 corrections cannot be adjusted after this date.

For newly hired associates

New associates hired BETWEEN June 1 and December 31, 2021

New associates hired between June 1 and December 31, 2021 automatically earn 2021 and 2022 medical plan discounts. Although, they are encouraged to register in CaféWell and take the online Health Assessment.

New associates hired BEFORE June 1, 2021

Associates hired before June 1, 2021 automatically earn the 2021 medical plan discounts. However, they MUST TAKE ACTIONS shown above on this page by November 30, 2021 to earn all 2022 medical plan discounts.


Call the HR Resource Center

(614) 533.8888


Privacy Statement

OhioHealth and its providers protect all screening data through secure processes and protocols to guarantee confidentiality and to assure compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). To honor your confidentiality, OhioHealth has engaged OhioHealth’s Employer Services and other third-party vendors to perform screening services and administer healthy incentive programs on behalf of OhioHealth. Your results may be disclosed by Employer Services to OhioHealthy and its third-party vendors designated by OhioHealth including treating providers in the context of specific medical incentive programs and resources available to associates. These parties report participation results to verify eligibility for specific medical incentive programs and resources available to associates. Aggregate results (without names) may be used for benefit plan administration and to design future wellness initiatives. Individual health status results are never disclosed to OhioHealth.