Medical Overview

Medical plan basics


Our medical plan, administered by OhioHealthy, allows you to access quality healthcare and provide comprehensive coverage.

Whichever plan option you choose, by choosing in-network providers or specialists, you’ll keep more dollars in your pocket.

This page provides an overview of our medical plan options, before directing you to in-depth information about each one.

Our Medical plan options at a glance

OhioHealthy HDHP+HSAOhioHealthy PPOOhioHealthy PPO Assist
For those who want lower premiums and a higher deductible than the OhioHealthy PPO (which you must meet before this plan pays any benefits), and access to a special tax-advantaged savings account with matching contributions from OhioHealth For those who want higher premiums but a lower deductible (which means the plan pays benefits sooner) than the OhioHealthy HDHP+HSA, and predetermined amounts (copays) to pay for doctors’ office visits, urgent care and certain prescriptions For those with a lower household income (specified criteria apply), with lower premiums and healthcare costs
Comprehensive coverage Access comprehensive healthcare from medical experts in central Ohio and across the United States, including preventive care, physician, hospital, emergency room, lab, radiology, prescription drugs, mental health and substance abuse benefits
Lower premiumsYes-Yes
Lower annual deductible-YesYes
Out-of-pocket maximum to limit your healthcare expensesYesYesYes
Pay out of pocket until you meet your deductibleYes--
Pay a copay, even if you have not met your deductible-YesYes
Contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA), with matching contributions from OhioHealthYes
(No “use it or lose it” rule)
Prescription coverageYesYesYes
100% preventive care coverageYesYesYes
Pay less when you use in-network providers or specialistsYesYesYes
Access to telehealth doctors (MDLIVE)YesYesYes
Access to 24/7 Nurse Advice LineYesYesYes
Read more about OhioHealthy HDHP+HSA Read more about OhioHealthy PPO Read more about OhioHealthy PPO Assist

If you are enrolled or planning to enroll in Medicare, read the flyer available to download below before enrolling in one of our medical plan options.

Looking for support for Gender Dysphoria?

Our medical plan provides coverage for the treatment of Gender Dysphoria, including psychotherapy, hormone therapy and surgery. Full details are available in your plan's Summary Plan Description.

For medical plan questions
Call 1 (844) 200.6449 (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST)

Download the on-site OhioHealthy representative schedule below for in-person help