Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Our Hospital Indemnity Insurance, provided by MetLife, helps you cover expenses in the event of hospitalization. And, coverage is guaranteed - there is no need to answer any medical questions.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance complements your medical plan. It provides you with a lump sum payment to help you cover out-of-pocket costs in the event of hospitalization.

You can use the lump sum as you see fit, including to cover inpatient treatments, tests, therapies and other services, or your deductible, copays/coinsurances, and any other costs not covered by your medical plan. Or, if you are out of work unexpectedly and are unable to meet household expenses - like your mortgage, car payment or childcare - due to lost or reduced income while you recover, you could use your lump sum to help cover these types of expenses. Having extra financial support in such circumstances means you can focus on your recovery with less worry.

Coverage also includes payments for admission, confinement, childbirth, newborn confinement and maternity follow-ups. Maternity is covered with no pre-existing condition limitation. There are also additional benefits paid when using an OhioHealth facility.

  OhioHealth Facility Non OhioHealth Facility
Admission (maximum once per calendar year) $1,000 $800
ICU supplemental admission — paid concurrently with the admission benefit when a covered person is admitted to ICU $1,000 $800
Confinement (15 days per calendar year) $100 $80
ICU Supplemental Confinement — paid concurrently with the Confinement benefit when a Covered Person is admitted to ICU (maximum 15 days) $100 $80
Ancillary confinement for childbirth — paid if other confinement benefits are exhausted (maximum 2 days per routine delivery/4 days per caesarean delivery) $80 $80
Newborn confinement (maximum 2 days per routine delivery/4 days per caesarean delivery) $25 $25
Maternity follow up
Maternity follow up (maximum 3 times per childbirth) $25 $25

How to make a claim

If you are hospitalized, there are three simple steps to claim your lump sum:

  • Opening a claim
    • Call 1-800-GET-MET8 to get a claim form via email, fax or mail
    • Submit a fully-completed claim form, including the physician statement, to MetLife by fax or online via the MyBenefits website
  • Processing the claim
    • A claims acknowledgement letter will be sent to you within 3 days after receipt of a fully-completed claims form (including the physician statement) to confirm that MetLife has received your claim and are working to review and process it
    • MetLife may call you to collect any missing information
  • Payment
    • A claim is generally processed and payment issued within 10 business days after receipt of all required information

MetLife Customer Service Representatives will be available to answer questions at any time throughout the claims process.

How much does this benefit cost?

Coverage type Associate cost per pay period
Associate only $7.51
Associate + 1 $13.17
Family $18.26
Hospital Indemnity Insurance gives me peace of mind, and it’s even better now that there is no pre-existing condition limit.

How to make the most of this benefit

  • Add dependent coverage - your spouse and any children through the month they turn age 26 are eligible
  • If you need emotional support or counseling following hospitalization, the Employee Assistance Program is available to you 24/7
  • Change your coverage at any time during the year if you have a relevant and qualified change in family status (e.g. you get married and want to add your spouse) - update your elections in Workday
Contact MetLife
Call 1 (800) GET-MET8 (438.6388)