Genomic Life (formerly Cancer Guardian)

The Cancer Guardian benefit has expanded and is now called Genomic Life.

Genomic Life is accelerating genomic medicine and proactive health for everyone, by turning personal genetic insights into impactful clinical actions. Understanding your unique genome can help predict future risk, inform treatment, and drive high-impact approaches to optimize your health.

Enhanced program features

The genome benefit management program facilitates access to genetic tests and services that yield actionable results. Genomic Life’s current product offering includes three proactive health tests and additional services:

  • The Genetic Health Screen analyzes 147 genes, identifying elevated health risks for cancer, cardiac disease, and other critical illnesses.
  • The Carrier test uncovers genetic insights from both you and your partner during family planning. These insights help to mitigate the risk of serious illness in offspring, supporting healthy deliveries and childhoods.
  • The Pharmacogenomics (PGx) test analyzes the unique way an individual responds to medications to optimize treatment, maximize effectiveness, and minimize side effects.
  • Genetic counseling is available as both pre- and post-test guidance for clinical action planning.
  • The Clinical Information line can be utilized day one by you and your immediate family for questions, concerns, and care-giving advice.

Post-diagnosis services

For members with a cancer diagnosis, Genomic Life still offers precision cancer services through the Cancer Guardian program that deliver personalized support and expert cancer navigation resources:

  • Nurse Advocates are a critical part of the care team and navigators for all services.
  • Comprehensive Genomic Profiling identifies the right therapy for each patient, since each cancer is unique.
  • Expert Pathology Review confirms cancer diagnosis, grade, and molecular status.
  • Cancer Navigation Services include clinical trial matching, financial services, and insurance benefits optimization.

Genomic Life can transform healthcare journeys from impersonal, confusing, and stressful into personalized, predictive, and proactive experiences — providing the information and expertise to you and your doctors precisely when you need it.

Genomic Life is intended to be exempt from the Employee Retirement Income Security Act in accordance with 29 CFR 2510.3-1(j) as a group or group-type insurance program offered by an insurer to employees or members of an employee organization, under which:

  1. No contributions are made by an employer or employee organization;
  2. Participation in the program is completely voluntary for employees or members;
  3. The sole functions of the employer or employee organization with respect to the program are, without endorsing the program, to permit the vendor to publicize the program to employees or members, to collect program charges through payroll deductions or dues checkoffs and to remit them to the vendor; and
  4. The employer or employee organization receives no consideration in the form of cash or otherwise in connection with the program, other than reasonable compensation, excluding any profit, for administrative services actually rendered in connection with payroll deductions or dues checkoffs.

Program charges will be paid on an after-tax basis, and Wamberg Genomic Advisors will not ask OhioHealth to take any action that could be deemed to be endorsing the program or otherwise contravene this exemption.

How much does this benefit cost?

Associate cost per pay period
Under age 50 Age 50-64 Age 64+
Associate Only$8.31$10.15$12.00
Associate + child(ren) coverage$8.31$10.15$12.00
Associate + spouse + child(ren) coverage$16.62$20.31$24.00

How to make the most of this benefit

  • Add dependent coverage - your spouse and any children through the month they turn age 26 are eligible (there is no additional cost for children)
  • Order your Hereditary Screening Test to understand your genetic risk for cancer
  • Don’t rely on the internet for important cancer questions - contact the Cancer Information Line at any time
  • If you need emotional support or counseling following a cancer diagnosis, the Employee Assistance Program is available to you 24/7
  • Change your coverage at any time during the year if you have a relevant and qualified change in family status (e.g. you get married and want to add your spouse) - update your elections in Workday
For more information
Call Genomic Life at 844-694-3666